And if I’m being REAL honest with ya…as I always am…I gotta say – the “Intro (The Beginning)” and “Outro (I’m Coming)” – these both go so much further beyond the average intros/outros that you’ll find on a record – these ended up being some huge highlights on this album where they collectively really spell out what the main messages of the subjects & themes of this record really are. But the combination of clever samples (This one actually sounds like it comes from “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith unless I’m crazy) and spoken-word is absolutely awesome to listen to on “Outro (I’m Coming).” Incredible social-insight being provided on this final track as well…I’m massively impressed by just how many relevant references are included and the points being made – it makes an incredible impact and thought-provoking finale to Rhythm, Blues, & Gospel – A Story Of Love, Hope, & Faith.
What a unique experience! Definitely a ride worth taking and a ton of ideas to be found here, stunning guest stars, singers, sounds and much, much more…it’s not typical, it’s not what you’d expect – and all that adds up to a memorable experience worth repeating….

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